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Azmira Holisitic Animal Care Kidney Kare 1 fl oz

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This product contains a proprietary blend of Plantain Leaf and Corm, African Buchu Leaves, Corn Silk, Horsetail Grass, St. John’s Wort Flower Buds, Arnica Flowers, Thuja Leaf, Grain Alcohol, and Spring Water.

Available Sizes:

Standard Size(s): 1oz (amber glass bottle w/ dropper)

Usage Directions:

For all pets, use 1 drop per 5 lbs. of body weight per dose. Dose can be doubled initially to build up therapeutic properties or as needed for acute situations. Extract can be mixed in a small amount of warm water or apple juice. Extract can also be mixed into food if needed, but double the dose to increase assimilation. Shake well. DO NOT USE UNDILUTED!


Results may vary according to animal’s diet and lifestyle. These products are not to be used in lieu of, but as a support to, proper veterinary care.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in


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