Pet & Grooming Services

Our professional, well trained, safe dog & cat groomer(s) are at your service. With our pet grooming services you have the option for us to provide the grooming needed. If you would like to self serve that is also an option. Either option well have your pet looking and feeling great.

A La Cart Grooming


Self Serve


Benefits of pet grooming are a pet that looks and smells nice all the time. Also your pet will be free from discomfort, feel great and behave well. Reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections, ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease in addition.

Yes, you are welcome to stay at our physical location. We have a fun and welcoming environment for all pets and their owners. 

Grooming Services all vary on which particular services you have booked or chosen. On average can range from 45 mins to a few hours. No matter the duration your pets are safe and comforted here.

To book an appointment or schedule your service, simply select the service you need. On the service page is a calendar and booking section. Add your ideal day and time to cart then we’ll be contacted for approval.

It is recommended that you book in advanced. This ensures that the time and date you booked is perfect. When booking it displays available times that are not occupied yet. Either book in store or on the website.